Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You will take my healthcare from my cold dead hands ...

You will take my healthcare from my cold dead hands ...

I haven't written for a while and was going to do an update on the global economic situation including some explanation of the whole fraudclosure issue - fun!

But then I noticed that MarketWatch was running a special report on Canadian healthcare. Headlines include

Canada at the crossroads
Limited opportunities
The long wait

Reading the content of these articles and some of the comments pissed me off. Typical Canadian health care bashing (yes we are all commies!)  I finally had to register to post a comment (yes I was a little angry):

As a Canadian who has lived in the US,, experienced the hell of an HMO and soon after decided to pay the extra fees for a PPO (because I could afford it as a single person) and also saw many, many not covered at all - not going to happen in Canada.

As you noted - your initial article said that the majority of Canadians, regardless of complaints about wait times, etc, would not give up our current system - so please move along and figure out what you are going to do about your bankrupt banks. I knew I should have shorted BAC!

I thought for sure I would be trashed - actually pretty sure my comment will be - but .... I was heartened by the first response to my comment:

couldn't have said it better. I don't give a rats behind what the US thinks of the Canadian system. If you don't like socialized medicine keep using your system, it seems to work really well (!) 

Regardles of what the republican media says EVERY comprehensive health care study done since the 70's has shown that Canada's system ranks near the top in quality (usually just behind Sweden, Norway) and almost always ranked higher than the US. Read the last 10 years worth of OECD reports on health care if you want non-biased numbers based facts. 

It works well, the majority people like it, and it is cost effective.

Why is Marketwatch running this story now? I would like to know why the Canadian Health Care system and all its woes is being featured on Marketwatch when there are so many more interesting domesstic stories to look at.

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  1. First, I liked the first comment but don't like "the republican media" attribution. When I moved to the states the democrats were in power and they sucked too.

    Second, my peek into HMO hell came when I first moved to the states. I had to do a basic physical with the HMO when I enrolled and they accidentally sent me the bill. $20K for a medical history, listening to my heart and testing my pee?