Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good versus bad customer service

Kudos to Rogers. I know we all like to complain about our internet providers but I had a good experience with Rogers this weekend. My internet suddenly died so first contacted Rogers. The person I talked to was in Nova Scotia (recognized the accent) and that person was helpful, smart and amiable. With his help, discovered that the issue was not the Rogers connection but probably an issue with my router. Once I told him what type of router I had, he had a number for me to call.

Then called the the number for my wireless router company. Because of language issues, I think this person may have been somewhere outside of North American. In addition, he was condescending and rude. I finally hung up on him and reset my router (which the Roger's person suggested might help).

I think it is important to complain about bad customer service but also important to let companies know when you receive great customer service.

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