Friday, November 25, 2011

OWS and other things

Okay I'm going to voice my opinion on the #OWS. When I first heard that there were going to be  Canadian versions I was concerned.


Number one is that there isn't the same discrepency in wages as there is the US. Check out the Gini coeficcient. Won't go into stats but the US is dark purple and Canada is lime green.

Second, we did not bail out big banks because we have regulation.

Third we have universal healthcare - unless you have lived outside the country, you don't understand what an advantage this is.

Fouth, when I first moved to the US (outside a large city) I was shocked by the economic (racial) disparity.

I definitely support any groups' right to express themselves but I think the Canadian version of OWS needs to define their grievances explicitly in order gain any traction with the Canadian populace.

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