Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming Redux

In a very early post, I talked about playing online games with my nephew when he was younger. Well it looks like I'm going to have the same experience with another nephew. There are some differences though. When my older nephew and I started playing Runesape he was around nine-years-old. Brendan on the other hand is five! And even though his reading skills aren't quite up to speed, he has no problems figuring out how to play. And we aren't playing Runescape but Wizard 101 which is a much slicker game at least in terms of graphics:

Wizard101 versus Runescape

I'm enjoying playing this game with my nephew but can't wait to introduce him to Runescape when he gets a little older. It is a little more challenging and I think it is more amenable to social interaction which, in my opinion, is the major draw of all mmo games. But until that time you can find us in Wizard 101 - just look for Thomas Duskbreaker and Mary Fairyblood!

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