Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeling nostalgic for an online community

I had a really weird experience lately. I was home for a family get together and looked at my now 16 year old nephew. He was so big, so tall and so much a teenager. And I did have a feeling of nostalgia run over me but it surprised me that the nostalgia I felt was for a gaming community we both used to belong to.

When he was a kid around 9, his parents were concerned about his involvement in this online gaming community. I investigated the game, which turned out to be Runescape and for the next few years spent a fair amount of time there.

What happened is that we started playing together. We were living in different countries and discovered this was a great way for us to stay in touch. We would meet up in Runescape and hang out - no other phrase describes it. Sometimes we would go fishing together, sometimes mining when we needed cash or help each other out with quests. And sometimes we would go up to the "Wilderness" - PVP - usually we got slaughtered and lost everything but it was fun!

I will never forget my nine-year-old nephew yelling at me across the auction room: "Auntie mary don't sell it there - you are going to get ripped off. I know a much better place." And he did

So yes, looking at him, I did feel a little nostalgic but it was also for a virtual place that we both loved. And that was a little weird

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