Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gumby and Economics

For some reason, which I haven't been able to figure out yet, the embedded video only seems to be working in Chrome but not IE or Firefox - bad Google! So I'm replacing the embedded video with a link .

A friend recently posted this awesome Gumby cartoon and my first thought was that this satire at its finest. But then I realized that this was a cartoon from the early 80s - no satire intended but maybe a bit of forshadowing of the current economic crisis?

Gumby and Pokey notice a sign for free food if they are willing to go through the mirror (US consumers?)

They go through the mirror and the blockheads kick in the mirror (maybe Goldman Sachs?) I would suggest Matt Talbi's excellent article on Goldman Sachs if you want more background.

In any case Gumby's world gets a little out of whack.

Best lines:

"It amazes me to think we would get something for free"

"How will we ever put it together ...."

In the end Gumby and Pokey are saved by by a mad scientist maybe more on that later :)


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