Monday, July 19, 2010

Spin Zone - Gulf Oil Seep is a Natural Occurrence - LOL

I think once again spin is in full effect. This morning I heard on the news that the U.S. government had discovered leaking from the top of the well and a seep from the sea bed as well as some gas bubbles. At one point, when I was eating my toast, the CBC reported that the US government was so concerned they had ordered BP to open up the well head. Which BP refused to do.

Now the story coming out of the NYT is that this seep is a natural one? Yes there are natural seepages in the Gulf of Mexico but there is no way the government would have reacted they way they did unless there were some grave concerns. But twelve hours later and we are into the spin zone.

And a while ago, there were a few lone voices who suggested that suggested that seepage from the sea bed might be a bigger concern than the authorities were admitting. One was Matt Simmons who has worked in the industry for thirty years. A few days ago he called the well integrity test absurd. Another journalist called it a fool's errand.

So for five minutes this morning there was some real news and now we are back in spin. It bothers me because as I mentioned in an earlier post, this could be a game changer.

And it also bothers me that I think I'm seeing a battle between BP and the White House - and BP seems to be winning.

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